Going Green on the Big Blue

Glam locks: The not-so-secret secret to naturally gorgeous hair

Also better for the environment. All those chemicals in your ‘regular’ shampoo end up in the ocean.


Dear treehugging friends: If only you guys had an ounce of marketing savvy. You could have tuned me into a green practice, plus saved me years of too-flat, uninspiring hair, and buckets of cash to boot. I know some of you have been washing your hair with baking soda and finishing it with a vinegar rinse for years, yet the only pitch I’ve ever heard on this practice is a limp, “It’s good for the environment!” Well, next time, try this instead:

Want to know the secret to shiny, voluminous, all-around gorgeous hair? It’s a specially formulated treatment guaranteed to take your coif to entirely new levels of excellence. We’re talking cascading waves of Penelope Cruz-level excellence. Try the BSV Treatment — you’d pay upwards of $20 for it at a salon — and see for yourself.

That’s a little more like it, eh? If I’d heard that, I…

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