Going Green on the Big Blue

Family volunteers with OceansWatch in the SW Pacific.

Leave a comment Our family volunteer with OceansWatch in the SW Pacific.

In close co-operation with the world’s sailors, divers and academics, OceansWatch undertakes marine conservation projects and offers humanitarian aid to coastal communities in developing countries. OceansWatch offers resources, in the form of ocean-going research vessels and expertise, such as marine biologists, members training, project management and support crew.  OceansWatch strengthens the link between the global yachting and diving communities and those who are actively involved in marine research, education and conservation. In the future OceansWatch will use environmentally friendly Wharram catamarans equipped with wet and dry laboratories, dive support facilities or clinics as our project lead boats, supported by members’ vessels.  OceansWatch is all about hands on help for coastal communities.  It is about running projects with the support of sailors, divers and academics. 

Find out more at OceansWatch.


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